How to live more confidently: the many layers of truly "knowing"

Moving from "I hope" to "I believe" to "I know" is nothing less than the journey of life. You don't have to buy a ticket. You were born with one in your hand. - Deepak Chopra

Step 1: Realize that your life is meant to progress. Step 2: Reflect on how good it is to truly know something rather than just hoping and believing. Don't settle for less. Step 3: Write down, on three separate lists, the things you hope are true, the things you believe are true and the things you know are true. Step 4: Ask yourself why you know the things you know. Step 5: Apply what you know to those areas where you have doubts, where only hope and belief exist today. I believe that when you truly know something, the following things pertain: You didn't accept other people's opinions. You found out on your own. You didn't give up too soon. You kept exploring despite blind alleys and false starts. You trusted that you have the power, determination and curiosity to find out the real truth. Half-truths left you dissatisfied. What you truly know grew from the inside. It made you a different person, as different as two people, one of whom has deeply loved and the other hasn't. You trusted the process of personal growth. You aren't afraid of your emotions. The truth always feels a certain way; uncertainty is queasy and gives off a bad smell. You went beyond logic into those areas where intuition, insight and wisdom actually count.

They became real for you.