Celery Juice Is Changing More Than People's Breakfast: It’s Changing How They Relate To Themselves

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Celery juice is everywhere! We have seen you hoarding cases of celery at your local grocery store, squeezing portable juicers into your carry on luggage, hiding a celery powder pack in your purse for those moments on-the-go...you swear by it, you are religious about it, it makes you feel well.

But how did you get here?

If you look back at what your breakfast looked like few years back, a lot has changed, but so have you.

Your attachment to celery juice is rooted deeply in how you have changed the relationship with yourself, in how you have grown into your own health advocate, and in your personal awareness that your well-being is in your hands.

Celery juice is only one of the many changes you have set in motion. You have cleaned up your pantry, your diet, and your friendships. You have stopped eating mindlessly and discovered the pleasure of eating consciously. You have realized the elation of jumping for 20 minutes on a trampoline as if nobody was watching (they probably were). You have brought your kids on board (willingly or unwillingly), you have rallied your partner and closest friends, and you have made new friends.

You have shifted your perspective to I say who, I say what, I say when and this alone has already changed your mindset and the way you relate to your sense of well-being. You are feeling in control, you are in it for the long haul, and we are here to unfold and document this journey with you.