b/well is about the convergence between mind, body, and bowl that brings forth a true and whole sense of well-being.

b/well  is the 1st platform dedicated to the Medical Medium community and to all who are determined to take their health into their own hands and drastically improve the quality of their lives. 


b/well opens a new conversation about the true meaning of being well, shifting perceptions and reframing old paradigms. 

b/well 's ambition is to help its community grow, expand, transform, connect with one another, and fully thrive.

"Our hope is that this platform will inspire our readers to be well and live well.

We want to ignite a movement toward happier and healthier lives,

and we are honored and humbled to be unfolding this story for our generation."

Barbara Manconi-Smith

Editor In Chief

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baby on bed
Gay Couple with their Daughter
Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun
Mother and Baby in Autumn